Vetiver Essential Oil Known as the “Oil of Tranquility” in South Asia, Vetiver is a holy herb highly valued in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years due to its immensely beneficial therapeutic benefits.
The signature woody and grassy aroma was utilized in cosmetics and perfumery products during Middle Ages that bares cleansing and healing properties.
Serves as a health shield for your body, Abundant in phytonutrients and organic compounds, remedy for improving focus and mental clarity.
Psychological effect:

The famous calming essential oil can balance the central nervous system. It has a good calming effect and can make people feel refreshed. It can improve stress, anxiety, insomnia and anxiety.

Physiological effect:

Enhance immune capacity, reduce the chance of disease;Strengthens the red blood cell, promotes the blood function, may treat the arthritis, the rheumatism and the muscle pain.

Skin effect:
Very effective for Oily skin and acne skin , can sterilize anti-inflammatory, promote wound healing, can treat acne;Promote regeneration and healing of body cells, used for stretch marks, hemorrhoids.

TRANQUILITY - A grounding and calming oil ideal for meditation and prayer. Blends well with citrus oils, lavender, patchouli and sandalwood essential oils.
DIY TIP - A soothing and relaxing massage or bath oil can be made by blending 1 drop each of vetiver, lavender and sandalwood in 10ml of Sweet Almond oil.

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10ml Pure Vetiver Essential Oil For Aromatherapy Diffusers

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