Using this nebulizer Diffuser Humidifiers Aroma Diffuser for essential oils can do so much more than simply make your room smell great. In addition to the incredible scent, essential oils provide many great therapeutic benefits by changing your mood, purifying the air, and supporting the overall health and happiness of you and your family. It can change the way you and your family think and feel in a very short amount of time.

essential oil diffuser (15)

This is popular for its beautiful look. It can be used as a great piece for home and office. It can be placed almost anywhere such as hotels, home, office, and studios, etc.



  • Ultrasonic aroma humidifier is the use of ultrasonic vibrate liquid water to produce water mist and emitted it to the dry air to air humidification.
  • It will envelop your surroundings effectively and brings a SPA like feeling to Home,Office,Bedroom,mall bedrooms,hotel rooms,Spa,Yoga stabletops and even workplace cubicles,relaxing yourself from a long day working.
  • Just need 3-5 drops of GX.Diffuser essential oils into the water,you can feel the fragrance and have a good mood and a better sleep,relieves depress after a whole day work.
  • Items auto-off if there do not have enough water.


  • Refresh Your Mind: You can add 3-5 drops GX.Diffuser essential oils in the water,to refresh your mind when you have a long office meeting or study alone through the subtle aroma diffused by the humidifier.
  • Indoor Exercises: Enjoy purified space and soul when doing yoga or simple stretching exercise along with wonderful aromas throughout your home.
  • Bedtime Relax: Relax your body and mind after a busy day. Make you feel relaxed and comfortable through the delicate fragrance all around the bedroom.



  • Press once: 1 hour timer.
  • Press twice: 3 hour timer.
  • Press Third: 6 hour timer.
  • Press Forth: Continuous mist coming out.
  • Press Fifth: Turn off the mist fuction.


  • Press the "Light" button to turn on the LED light, the color will change automatically.
  • Press the "Light" button again to fix the color.
  • Press the "Light" button again to change color.
  • If you need to turn off the LED light please keep pressing the button for one second.


  • When the diffuser is working:
  • Keep pressing the MIST button when you hear “B”,it is high mist fuction.
  • Keep pressing the MIST button when you hear “BB”,it is low mist fuction.

Package Including:

  • 1x Aroma Diffuser(No essential oil).
  • 1x 12V Power Adapter.
  • 1x User Manual.

Essential Oil Nebulizing Diffuser Humidifiers Aroma Diffuser

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